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Doug Shinn

I have 17 years in the automotive industry and 15 years racing dirt bikes, super bikes, street cars, and drag racing. I am a Tech, welder and Fabricator. I can weld GTAW, GMAW, FCAW. My passion for cars started early on in life with my dad and grandfather teaching me. I would take stuff apart to see how it worked, and would get in trouble but that is part of the learning process. I would mow lawns and save up money because I wanted to buy my own dirt bike. I saved up enough to buy a run down YZ70 from a neighbor of mine. He always road dirt bikes and that’s where I decided to begin. It was nothing nice to look at but it was mine. I rebuilt the carb, the motor, and some of the wiring. It turned out to be a pretty fast bike. When in high school I had a job at Alief Marine & Auto. After high school a good friend of mine and I opened our own custom motorcycle shop. It defiantly was a hard business to undertake but we gave it a shot. Work was good for a while till the economy starting going down and no one wanted to spend money on power sports. Unfortunately, we were forced to part ways. I have worked on vehicles from the late 30’s to present. Have experienced many sides of the industry from general service to performance shops, diesel maintenance and performance. I have worked for myself, small shops, big shops. It’s all the same at the end of the day. In my spare time I love spending time with my family at the track with our race car. I also maintain and tune on one or two more. I love a good challenge. Finding problems and fixing them always keeps me intrigued.

Alex Perz

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with cars. My entire childhood was spent in the garage helping my dad with his kit car or hanging out in the shop he worked for. I knew when I was a little boy I wanted to work on cars. After high school I applied at a technical school and got a job at the local BMW dealership. After spending 8.5 years with BMW I was offered a job at Late Model Racecraft where I excelled in learning the high performance industry. I took the knowledge I gained from LMR and obtained a job as the shop foreman of Corvette World Houston. As a team we almost eliminated a very bad reputation. After spending some time and having lots of fun with the guys at CWH I was asked to join the crew at HP Motorsports. I have never been happier!

Noe Carballo

I have over 20 years in the automotive industry. Having had experiences in just about every aspect of Automotive customizing and repair from auto detailing, paint and body, mobile audio/video, vintage restorations, auto repair and performance modification… I am well rounded. Commitment to quality and attention to detail are the foundation of my repair process. I have a passion for automotive enhancement of both modern and vintage vehicles. I love to learn and try new things, I also have fantastic problem solving abilities. All in all, my versatility makes me a great asset to our team.

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