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Basics of Performance Camshafts
Basics of Performance Camshafts

Most people in the United States start to learn how to drive a car around 16 years of age. Despite the fact that handling a vehicle becomes familiar at such a young age, not too many people can actually tell you what makes a car operate. There are so many pieces under the ...

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Blog Posts in 2015

  • Pontiac G8: More Than a Flash in the Pan

    After production was halted by GM for their prestigious Pontiac GTO , a classic piece of American Muscle Car history in its own right, the Pontiac G8 ...

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  • Get to Know the Camaro Gen 5

    In 2010, Chevrolet took the automotive world by storm with the introduction of the redesigned fifth generation Camaro. While this line of cars has ...

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  • What is a Performance Exhaust System?

    When people think about modifying their cars for extra performance or horsepower, they invariably think about what is going on under the hood. From ...

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  • Pontiac GTO: Classic Muscle

    If a Pontiac GTO of any year or generation rolls down the street, you know it. There has always been something formidable and respectable about the ...

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  • Understanding the Dyno Tuning Process

    Dyno tuning is touted as one of the best, if not the very best, method for fine-tuning vehicles performance. But what exactly makes this process so ...

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  • Specifications and History of the Chevrolet SS 2014

    So you’ve got your eye on a Chevrolet SS 2014, do you? A good choice to be sure. The series is synonymous with power, handling, and high performance ...

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  • The Corvette: An American Classic

    Ah, the Corvette. These beautiful beasts have been turning heads on the roads since their introduction in 1953. Known for their distinctively sleek ...

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  • How a Dynamometer Works

    Have you ever had your car’s engine performance tested? Chances are, your car was placed on a chassis dynamometer, or a “rolling road.” These machines ...

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  • Meet the Cadillac CTS-V

    The 2016 Cadillac CTS-V is kicking up quit a storm of positive reviews and praise from people all around the automotive world. And why shouldn’t it? ...

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