Hyundai Ducking Out of Sports Car Scene

Hyundai Ducking Out of Sports Car Scene

Ask someone what they think of Hyundai Motor Company and they usually say something along the lines of reliable cars and an admirable 10-year/100,000 mile warranty. Not many people would give mention of high-performance sports cars, however. So, when the company announced last year that it would be developing a sports car influenced mainly by the 2014 Hyundai PassoCorto concept, the automotive world got excited. It is always exhilarating for car aficionados to see a new beast roll down the block, after all.

Recently, however, Hyundai put on the brakes, big time, and have halted development and production plans. Tony Whitehorn, CEO of Hyundai UK, spoke to Autocar (in a full article that can be seen here: and claimed that “not many people make money out of sports cars” and that “the sports car market is shrinking dramatically.”

Is Hyundai Out of the High-Performance Game for Good?

Not necessarily. It seems that the company is just trying to find the right, profitable time to strike the sports car market. They have expressed concerns that their current plans did not stand out enough from what was already available so, even if they didn’t halt the project, the finished product might not have been true to their vision, anyway.

What Whitehorn has said about sports cars isn’t really false, either. At least, right now, anyway. Not many are flying off lots, other than the Audi TT and Mazda MX-5. To try to get sales out of a considerably small clientele with a vehicle they were not confident about could have been a major financial mishap for Hyundai.

Tell Me Something Good Before I Go

For those of you who were really hanging onto the hope of a high-performance sports car coming from Hyundai, you don’t have to be completely heartbroken. If you have one of their vehicles – maybe an Elantra, Veloster, or even a Genesis Coupe – that you would like to take to the next level in street performance, the passionate and knowledgeable experts at HP Motorsports in Texas can help. We have been providing top-drawer service to the people of Katy, Houston, and the surrounding area for more than 20 years. Tell us what you want done by filling out this free, no-obligation estimate form and we can see about getting to work on your dream car today!


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