Basics of a Nitrous Oxide Engine

Basics of a Nitrous Oxide Engine

Are you familiar with nitrous oxide, laughing gas, nitro, and NOS? Yes? Well, did you know that these are all the same thing? Two for two? Okay, but do you know how a nitrous oxide system added to your vehicle’s engine actually functions? Let’s take a closer look at the details so you can figure out if this modification is right for you and your car.

Welcome to Chemistry Class

We promise we won’t bore you, and you won’t be tested, but to really know why NOS is so awesome for your car’s performance, we have to get scientific. Nitrous oxide is a chemical comprised of two nitrogen atoms clinging onto one part oxygen – technically it should be called dinitrogen monoxide (N2O). When this compound is exposed to the warmth of your engine, the N2 can’t stand the heat and drops the O. This means you are directly supplying additional oxygen to your engine’s system.

Automotive Science 101 teaches us all that more oxygen equals more horsepower with the same amount of fuel. So we’re already doing well with a nitrous oxide system. But consider this bonus side effect: when the nitrogen is separated from its oxygen, it rapidly vaporizes. When a substance vaporizes, it cools down everything around it. So NOS adds and cools air in your engine. Cold air means dense air, which means the atoms can pack closer together per cylinder cycle, which means even more oxygen inside.

Any Downsides to NOS?

The physical aspects of N2O makes it pretty hefty for a gas, even when it gets pressurized into liquid state. This means it can be difficult to add a large quantity to your car without also taking up a considerably amount of space. But good things come in small packages, after all, so a nitrous oxide system is there for rationing power when you need it most, not for continually running the vehicle.

The good news is that with professional help, nitro can be relatively painless to install and learn how to use. If you live in Katy, Houston, or the surrounding Texas area, be sure to call 281.231.9950 to speak to the high performance auto tuning specialists at HP Motorsports. We would be happy to explain the specifics of getting a nitrous oxide system added to your engine – we even offer free estimates to keep your wallet safe and sound while you’re shopping around. Go ahead and contact us today – we look forward to working with you, and we know you’ll love working with us.


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