How a Dynamometer Works

How a Dynamometer Works

Have you ever had your car’s engine performance tested? Chances are, your car was placed on a chassis dynamometer, or a “rolling road.” These machines involve two rotating cylinders that are placed under a vehicle’s drive wheels with the engine running and the vehicle in gear, allowing the car to drive in place. Dynamometers measure the raw power of a car’s engine depending on how quickly and forcefully a car can make the dyno’s cylinders spin. This is tested under various different load conditions and gears, providing a readout of the engine’s horsepower, rpms, and fuel efficiency.

The data that these machines produce allows technicians to tweak a vehicle’s performance and identify any issues that may be present. By examining a readout of the car’s baseline performance, a technician can tweak a vehicle’s fuel to air ratio, ignition timing, remove rev limiters, and making several other small adjustments to squeeze ever bit of hidden power out of an engine.

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