Dyno Tuning: How to Prepare Your Vehicle

Dyno Tuning: How to Prepare Your Vehicle

As one of the most effective ways to improve your car’s gas mileage and overall performance, dyno tuning is becoming increasingly popular. Involving a dynamometer – also called a dyno – a car’s “baselines” are discovered and then tweaked to maximize its potential. However, as dyno tuning is an incredibly precise yet intense procedure, particular preparations must be made before it can begin.

Important Preparations for Dyno Tuning Your Vehicle

1.Get a history of your car: Has your ride had particular problems in the past? Maybe points of concern that were never properly addressed? Issues to report include difficulty starting the engine, surges or plummets in power, unreliable gas mileage, etc.

2.Check your liquids in order: Put at least half a tank of gas in your vehicle, and use the gas you always use. Engine oil, lubricant, and coolant levels all must be checked and double-checked. Also, there can be no fluids leaks. None. If you find any, get it fixed before you continue.

3.Analyze the engine: Your engine has to be in an excellent, mechanically-sound condition. Check for obvious problems, such as unsecured hoses, damaged belts, and more. Reminder: dyno tuning can be rigorous on your engine – if you aren’t confident that you have given it a suitable inspection, get a professional mechanic who can do it for you.

4.Electricals need attention, too: Spark plugs should be tested to determine if they are operating within their proper heat range or not. The wiring throughout the vehicle also needs to be neat and tidy – nothing loose or tangled.

5.Test the distributor: By using a synchrograph – something you probably don’t have in your garage – a specialist can determine if your distributor is functioning correctly.

If your car has been thoroughly prepared and has passed all the previous steps and trials, the fun can begin. Your vehicle will be placed upon the dyno, with the driver wheels actually on the rollers. Through a series of exercises, involving gear shifts, altering load conditions, and speed variations, the dyno will provide the mechanic with detailed information regarding performance and vehicle mileage. From there, adjustments can be made to produce maximum efficiency.

When you are considering getting your vehicle dyno-tuned, you will want to make certain you are working someone that knows how to take care of your ride and take it to the top. For years, the people of Houston and Katy, Texas have been coming to HP Motorsports for all of their high performance auto tuning needs, including dyno tuning. Contact our friendly and experienced team today for a free estimate!


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