Top Six Off-Roading Mods

Top Six Off-Roading Mods

Any outdoors enthusiast can tell you that taking a journey off the beaten path and into parts unknown is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Few vacation days could be spent better than one that involves a healthy dose of off-roading, right? But getting stuck in the middle of nowhere is the fastest way to ruin all that fun.

If you are planning an off-roading venture, make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge before it’s too late! If you’re missing one of these top six off-roading mods and must-haves, you might seriously be missing out.

Tires and Treads

First things first: you won’t be going anywhere if your tires can’t get you there. Get your hands on some all-terrain tires with deep treads and tough sidewalls, or you are sure to have a bad time. And, yes, when it comes to off-road tires, bigger is better.

Articulate Your Wheels

The more freedom your tires have to rotate and feel around the uneven surfaces of a dirty or rocky trail, the better. Consider getting a solid axle with a disconnected sway bar – this set-up tends to allow your wheel to articulate itself better, reducing the chances of slipping, tipping, or cracking the axle.

Clear for Ground Clearance

If you are going to be pressing through harsh or overgrown terrain, you can’t do it in a low prowler. You need a vehicle with high enough ground clearance to get over boulders, stumps, and other obstacles without beating up your undercarriage. The last thing you need miles from civilization is a ruptured gas tank.

Secure the Skid Plates

Speaking of ruptured tanks, protect the underside of your vehicle even further by getting some steel skid plates. Think of it as body armor for the underbelly of your car. With proper skid plates installed over crucial underbody components, even the meanest, sharpest rocks won’t be able to pierce them.

Tow Points – Because You’re Going to Need Them

Unless you aren’t serious about off-roading, you are going to get stuck at one point or another in your trip. You never know when a patch of mud is deeper than it looks or a rock is ready to split open, but the important thing is that you are ready for when it does happen, and you are able to get your vehicle winched out or towed back home. Think of your friends, too. Even if your monster of a vehicle never needs a tow, your buddies on your trip probably will.

High-Mounted Air Intakes

This last one is easy to forget, and many off-roaders are probably still not aware of the troubles a standard air intake can cause when you’re traversing the wilderness. By mounting your air intake as high as you can, you seriously reduce the chances of your engine swallowing water while crossing a stream and hydrolocking. That’s right – machines can drown, too.

If you live in the greater Houston area and are planning an off-roading trip in the near future, be sure to swing by HP Motorsports and speak to our knowledgeable high performance auto tuning specialists. With just a quick and free estimate – that you can also do over the phone or online – we can help you figure out what mods you are going to need to make certain your trip is as good as it can be. Call 281.231.9950 today!


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