Getting Your Car Ready for Summer

Getting Your Car Ready for Summer

Most people have concern over the dangers of winter driving but don’t give much thought as to how the summer can affect their vehicle. Summertime means long road trips, driving through dust, and days baking in the heat – even in the shade – for your automobile. Everything adds up to a full mechanical failure, if you don’t properly prepare ahead of time.

The best bet you have at protecting your car from failures this summer – generally originating from overheating – is to give it a thorough onceover. There are particular parts you should pay close attention to, though, so let’s start from the bottom.


If you have old, neglected tires, now would be a better time than any to inspect or replace them. Excess heat can crack thinned rubber, causing a tire to violently rupture in the middle of the road. Also, as the temperature rises, the pressure in your tires will change as the air within expands. At the very least, check your tire pressure and adjust it accordingly.


If you have planned a road trip this summer, odds are you are going to be spending several hours driving at night – it makes sense if you want to avoid the worst heat of the day. Before you set out onto dark stretches of highway, make sure your headlights are in full working condition, including your high beams.


The greatest cause of overheating and breakdowns in the summer is a failing coolant system. Have a professional double-check your coolant levels and their concentration. Otherwise, you could be putting your vehicle at serious risk of mechanical failure.


Even if everything else is working and your car is not overheating, the whole thing gets shut down once the battery gives out. Due to the toxicity of battery fluids and acid, do not attempt to perform battery maintenance without a certified automotive specialist. If need be, the safest bet is to just replace your battery if you suspect it might be towards the end of its life.

Air Conditioning

No car is complete without its passengers and they need to be comfortable, too! Run your car for a few moments in the driveway before you start a long summer drive to make sure your air conditioning system is running well enough to keep the interior nice and cool. You should also consider having the air filter examined or replaced.

Don’t Forget to Expect the Unexpected

Emergencies can happen at any time to anyone. Always keep a first aid kit and an ample amount of water – a 24 pack of bottles does just fine – in your trunk, especially during the summer. If you are planning on traveling through a remote area during your family vacation, keep some nonperishable, non-melt-able food in your vehicle as well.

If you would like your car serviced before the summer gets any hotter – or maybe you would like to supe it up to show off for a day at the beach? – contact a Houston high performance auto mechanic from HP Motorsports today. We offer specialized packages at competitive prices that are sure to please you, no matter your automotive needs!


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