What You Need to Know About Turbos

What You Need to Know About Turbos

The idea behind a turbocharger – sometimes called just a turbo – is that the modern internal combustion engine, as marvelous as it may be, is not as efficient as it could be, especially in terms of exhaust expended. Exhaust is actually quite hot as it leaves a car’s engine, rapidly cooling once it hits the open air behind the car. Heat is energy, and for so much of it to be expended in exhaust is, put simply, a total waste. By utilizing the air that is blasted out of the exhaust system, a turbo can effectively increase the power of an engine, putting more bang into each cycle. But what are the specifics of how it works? It is actually quite interesting.

A turbocharger is a system of two interlocked metal fans in housings, installed into the engine compartment. Exhaust air that usually would have been shot right out the exhaust pipe will hit the first fan – called a turbine – and cause it to spin. On the other end of the interlocking axle is another fan – called a compressor – that sucks in outside air as it spins from the force generated by the spinning turbine (remember: that force is coming from the otherwise wasted exhaust). The new air that is sucked in is cooled in an intercooler and fed right back into the engine’s system, supplying more air than normal to the combustion chamber.

Sounds Scientific – What’s It Mean to Me?

Put into relatively basic terms, the more air you can get into your engine, the more fuel it can burn per cycle. This directly translates to more horsepower. If you put a turbocharger into your system, you can expect to get more strength whenever you push the pedal.

The benefits do not end there, though. As a turbocharger utilizes energy that would have otherwise been wasted in exhaust fumes, it greatly increases the overall efficiency of your engine. In some cases, this can improve your car’s fuel economy. Furthermore, a turbocharger may be installed even in smaller vehicles, allowing little machines to have power disproportionately great in comparison to their overall size.

Sounds Awesome – Where Can I Get a Turbo?

Here at HP Motorsports in Katy, Texas, our specialists can help you with all your high performance auto services, including the installation and maintenance of turbocharger systems. If you would like to get one today, or if you are just curious about them, call (281) 231-9950 and let our team know what you want done to your vehicle. We also offer free estimates, so if you are in the greater Houston area, be sure to contact us at your earliest opportunity!


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