West Virginia Demands Payment from Volkswagen

West Virginia Demands Payment from Volkswagen

Hard to talk about automobiles lately without also mentioning Volkswagen and all the trouble it has gotten into due to an emission scandal that erupted last month. It’s WV vs. VW now that West Virginia has filed a civil lawsuit against the car company giant on behalf of all its residents that feel duped. Just how much is the state asking for due to potential pollution crimes and false advertising claims? Try $5,000 in penalties per incident of violation.

Volkswagen was anticipating spending at least $7 billion to correct its alleged mistakes. This cost would stem from recalling vehicles and installing new software in all 11 million affected cars. Whether or not they have set aside money for all the class actions piling up against them is unknown.

What Did Volkswagen Do Anyway?

First of all, let’s just say that there really isn’t any speculation left in this case. Volkswagen’s former CEO – before he stepped down – admitted that they had knowingly installed software that could cheat on emission tests. Known as “defeat devices”, this bit of software is smart enough to know when the car is being smog tested, and then curb its emission. Without this software active – say, when you’re driving down the street – some of these “clean diesel” engines were actually puffing out toxin levels 40 times greater than accepted standards.

People from coast to coast and all across the world are understandably upset. Many feel like the resale value – and therefore the original value – of their beloved Jetta, Beetle, and others significantly plummeted the moment this news hit. As this is an ongoing scandal, we will all have to wait and see just how negatively affected the value of VW’s actually is.

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