Holiday Shopping for a Car Enthusiast? Get Them These Gifts

Holiday Shopping for a Car Enthusiast? Get Them These Gifts

Santa’s the only guy in town that can sport a flying sleigh and make it look awesome. The rest of us stuck to terra firma have to use more traditional methods of transportation, like an automobile. But just because you don’t have Rudolph at the front of your vehicle doesn’t mean your ride can’t be legendary. This holiday season, you might want to treat yourself to some of these cool car-related gifts. Or, if you believe the best gift is one given, why not pick these up for the car enthusiast in your life?

Here’s 5 gifts we think are pretty neat:

  1. Heavy-duty floor mats: Most cars come with factory-grade (read: subpar floor mats) that get beat up easily under dirt, mud, snow, and what else the outside world sticks to your shoes. Protect the interior of a vehicle with some heavy-duty floor mats, which can usually be purchased in a variety of colors to match nicely with your vehicle.
  2. Mud flaps: Have you ever looked at a commercial truck rolling down the highway and been jealous of the extra bit of style the mud flaps add to it? Why not get some for your own truck or SUV? Custom mud flaps and splash guards are a fun way to add some personality to your vehicle that most other people overlook.
  3. DVD entertainment system: You can’t talk about awesome car gift ideas without mentioning at least one high-tech gadget. And what is better than putting a mini-movie theater right in your car? DVD entertainment systems installed into headrests are a popular way to keep little ones and friends alike happy on road trips. New systems can even use flash storage or Wi-Fi uplinks to forego the discs altogether. You may even consider upgrading another step and just slapping a video game console in there!
  4. Key fob locators: Perhaps a more practical gizmo is the key fob locator. Everyone has lost their car keys once or twice, but for those of you who would lose your head if it wasn’t attached to your neck, key fob locators are practically a must. Some models will link to an app in your smartphone that can be used anywhere a satellite signal can see you. Never lose those keys again – for real this time.
  5. Custom engine overhaul: Talk about saving the best for last! If you really want to splurge on that special someone’s gift this year, nothing beats custom motor and engine building. Powering up a vehicle exactly to your specifications and desires is a great feeling, and the roar of your engine once the work is done is second-to-none.

Here at HP Motorsports, our Houston high performance auto tuning specialists are big fans of the holiday season and, of course, enhancing vehicles. If you need some gift ideas for yourself or another automotive aficionado, why not give us a call and see what specials we have on the board? We do everything from custom fabrications to dyno tuning to flood repair!

Dial (281) 231-9950 and get a free estimate today.


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