5 Ways to Improve Your Vehicle's Performance

5 Ways to Improve Your Vehicle's Performance

Are you looking to squeeze every last bit of muscle out of your vehicle’s engine and have it roar like a lion out on the roads? Want to bring out your car’s inner hot rod and increase its horsepower, performance, and speed? If so, there are several different modifications you can make to your vehicle to boost its raw power and keep it running at its peak.

Adding or replacing the following components can maximize your car’s performance:

  1. Cold air intake: Upgrading to a performance cold air intake is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to increase your horsepower. Cold air intakes have an innovatively shaped filter which offers increased surface area to pull air through and add denser air into your engine, creating more power when mixed with fuel and combusting. Likewise, cold air intakes can also reduce air resistance and unwanted turbulence within your pipes which could ordinarily restrict air flow to your engine and reduce its power.
  2. Large diameter throttle body: Your throttle body works in conjunction with your fuel injection system to regulate air flow into your engine. Installing a large-diameter throttle body with larger flaps will allow more air to flow into your engine, allowing you to feel faster acceleration.
  3. Exhaust headers: Since stock exhaust manifolds are tasked with both meeting emissions standards and keeping production costs low, they often come at the cost of reducing your car’s ability to efficiently move air. Using long tube and shorty headers can help move air more quickly and build torque.
  4. High-flow catalytic converters: High-flow catalytic converters fulfill the same function of reducing your vehicle’s emissions, only they do so much faster. This is accomplished via a less dense internal cell count and an increased volume around the catalyst, increasing flow capacity.
  5. Forced induction systems: Turbochargers and superchargers work to compress the air flowing into your system and can offer up to 50% greater performance. Since these systems add more air, your engine will thereby also mix more fuel, improving power and acceleration.

Boost Your Vehicle’s Performance with HP Motorsports

At HP Motorsports, our Katy automotive specialists have been custom fabricating, Dyno tuning, and overhauling vehicles for more than 20 years and can help you turn your vehicle into a true beast on the roads. To find out how our team of professionals can help you achieve the car of your dreams, contact us online today or call (281) 231-9950 to schedule your free estimate.


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