What's Going On With Self-Driving Cars?

What's Going On With Self-Driving Cars?

Here at HP Motorsports, our Houston high performance auto service specialists are always checking out the papers to see what is on the horizon of tuning up and enhancing vehicles. When everyone was talking about self-driving vehicles right around the corner, it was easy to tell that most people were one-part curious, one-part excited, and one-part skeptical. Now that 2016 is nearly over and there aren’t autonomous vehicles in every driveway, or even some driveways, we have to wonder what is slowing down or stopping self-driving technology?

Lots of Problems with Unclear Solutions

At this point in time, it is seems like it is easier to say what is wrong with autonomous automobiles than to say what is right about them. Every headline you look at has something else to add to the pile of growing problems and few offer up real solutions.

Some issues of self-driving cars right now include:

  1. Legal issues: Before anything gets done in this country, a law needs to precede it. Many legislatures can’t seem to agree about all the little details surrounding the concept of a “robot” driving a vehicle. Does someone need to be in the driver’s seat? How fast can they go over the speed limit in certain situations, if at all? The list of uncertainties goes on.
  2. Out-of-date tech: As crazy as it sounds, the cutting-edge, new-to-most-of-us technology some of these smart cars are using is already outdated. It’s like how you buy a laptop and two weeks later a better one is one sale for a better price. How’d that happen? Until the technology of self-driving vehicles is improved tenfold and perfected, it probably isn’t safe to put out on the road in big numbers, especially considering there have already been harmful and fatal crashes involving them.
  3. Hackers: Speaking of technological problems, there are a good deal of people worried about what a hacker could do with a self-driving car they controlled remotely. Autonomous vehicles send and receive information constantly to know where it is in relation to the outside world. Using these same data streams – probably a simplified term – a computer whiz could theoretically hack a passing self-driving car and make it do whatever.

Definitely Not Today, Probably Not Tomorrow

It looks like we need to wait at least another five years until self-driving cars really come to the market. But, to be completely honest, that isn’t a big deal for our crew of Houston & Katy automotive specialists at HP Motorsports. We love working on cars because they’re mean machines, not because they came out of a sci-fi story. If you want to modify your vehicle in an oil-and-gears kind of way, we are the shop for you.

Contact us online or call 281.231.9950 to get a free estimate of your project’s cost. We work on all sorts of vehicles, from sports cars to trucks to SUVs!


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