Up the Ante Off-Road with Our Off-Road Upgrades!

Up the Ante Off-Road with Our Off-Road Upgrades!

When the pavement ends, the fun begins for many people. Bringing cars, trucks and other vehicles off the beaten path to tear it up on the dirt has long been a pastime of motorsports aficionados, and those who really want to take their four-wheeling experience to the next level will look for any edge in performance they can find. Want to leave your competition to eat your dust while they disappear in your rear-view mirror? Here are just a few of the popular off-road upgrades our Houston high performance auto experts can help you choose and install.


A good off-roading vehicle depends on many different factors, but there is perhaps none more important than the suspension that holds your car up. Whereas someone who wants to tear it up at the local racetrack or down the drag strip might want a stiffer suspension setup designed for as little movement as possible, a good off-roading setup will be soft, malleable, and provide support while still having lots of travel for your wheels to use to traverse over the roughest and toughest of terrain in your truck or car.


Any off-roader can tell you that speed isn’t everything out on the dirt, and in fact cars designed to go fast often don’t have what it takes to handle it when the trial truly gets tough. Re-gearing your transmission for ratios designed to produce torque is one of the most highly sought-after upgrades for all types of off-roaders, including trucks, cars, and SUVs. By being able to keep the engine revved while the vehicle moves slowly, these gear ratios can provide you with the torque you need to tackle the toughest obstacles without the risk or worry of your power dying out when you need it most.

Wheels & Tires

Better suspension and torque-oriented gears are popular, but they can only help so much if your car doesn’t have the grip and traction needed to utilize them to their full potential. Bigger wheels, including tires with large, beefy sidewalls give your car a platform it can use to keep more rubber on the ground, maximizing grip and giving you the ability to scale obstacles you previously thought impossible. Wheels constructed from high-strength materials will also hold their shape in even the most abusive and brutal conditions that most stock wheels would never dream of holding up through.

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