Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Vehicle Recall Notice

Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Vehicle Recall Notice

As cars become more and more technologically advanced, they also become more and more complex, and complexity can lead to a number of issues that can cause technology to break or stop working. When a pivotal piece of this technology breaks, a car can become dangerous to operate and present a serious risk of accident and injury to both its driver and other motorists on the road.

According to J.D. Power, more than 45 million vehicles were recalled between the years 2013 and 2015, yet millions of these vehicles still have not yet been fixed. Forbes called attention to several key statistics discovered in this J.D. Power study.

  • Higher-volume recalls of a million or more vehicles are more likely to go unrepaired than lower-volume recalls of 10,000 units or less. One theory for this is that dealers get overwhelmed quickly when these recalls are issued, and people who are part of a massive recall cannot make an appointment to get their vehicle fixed at a convenient time for them. Therefore, they simply put the task off until they forget about it. Additionally, notifying such a large number of vehicle owners can be exceedingly difficult.
  • Older vehicles are far less likely to be taken in for a recall. Cars manufactured for model years 2013 to today have had recalls completed at a 73% rate, compared to vehicles between 2003 and 2007, which are fixed just 44% of the time.
  • Recalls pertaining to a car’s performance (i.e. powertrain, electrical system, and brakes) were the most likely to get fixed. However, systems pivotal to vehicle safety were conspicuously ignored, including airbags and suspension issues.
  • Work vans most likely to be owned by companies and commercial businesses had their recalls serviced at a much higher rate than sports cars and large SUVs, which had slightly less than one in three of each of their vehicles serviced.

Why You Should Get Your Ride Serviced

The last two points listed by Forbes are key points for car enthusiasts who enjoy getting peak performance from their motor. Here at HP Motorsports, we strive to help everyone who wants to go fast to reach the speed they desire, but we also encourage everyone to do so safely, and one of the most important ways to ensure safety on the track, drag strip, or even on the everyday street is to make sure you get all recalls taken care of as quickly as possible. Peak performance applies to more than just your engine: an issue with your suspension, safety belt, airbags, electronic features, and more could result in a potentially dangerous malfunction with your vehicle when you absolutely need it.

Before coming in to increase the performance of your ride, we strongly suggest taking it in to have all recalls and issues resolved before allowing us to increase your horsepower and handling capabilities. We want to ensure all vehicles that leave our shop are not only everything that you may have dreamed of in terms of looks and speed, but are safe to drive and will protect you in the event of an accident or vehicle malfunction.

If you’re unsure whether or not your vehicle has any recalls on it, you can easily look it up online using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s free online database (all you need is your VIN). Additionally, you can register with the NHTSA on their website and be contacted automatically if any new vehicle recalls are issued.

Find out more about how you can get the most out of your car; contact HP Motorsports today and learn more about the great packages we can offer you!

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