What Kind of Headlights Should I Use?

What Kind of Headlights Should I Use?

You may not think of your headlights of being an important part of your car, but they serve two crucial purposes for performance driving enthusiasts. First, your headlights are what allow you to safely drive your car at night, allowing you to see what’s around you and other people to see you. Second, they play a key role in the aesthetic of your vehicle, giving it a sleek and attractive look when they’re turned on. Traditional incandescent lightbulbs are still pretty common, but they are headed to extinction quickly due to a number of popular alternative technologies becoming more readily embraced. On this blog, we look at the different types of headlights and discuss some pros and cons of each.

LED Headlights

LED technology is being rapidly embraced by car owners and designers everywhere. LED technology is extremely bright, very good on power draw (meaning less strain on your battery), and generally tend to last a long time before wearing out. They also come in a wide variety of light temperatures, meaning you can get them in everything from a traditional soft-yellow glow to a bright blue-white beam.

Pros: Lots of flexibility, budget friendly, bright, long-lasting
Cons: Not all cars can handle LED technology, some can be retrofitted; LED bulbs produce a lot of heat, and require a separate heat control system

Halogen Headlights

Most modern cars use a halogen headlight by default. They do not have the color selection capability of LED lights, but they do produce a significant amount of light for not a lot of money. Like LEDs, they too also emit a lot of heat, and even just the tiniest amount of skin oil on a bulb can cause performance issues, including the possibility of the bulb exploding.

Pros: Inexpensive, durable, readily available
Cons: Only one light color, lots of heat, may not be as bright as other options

Xenon Headlights

Xenon headlights are perhaps more commonly-known by the name “high-intensity discharge” lights, or “HID.” These bulbs emit far more light than a traditional halogen bulb and do not have nearly the same level of heat discharge, making them an extremely popular choice for those looking to upgrade their units. However, they have one other big flaw: despite the immense amount of light they can output, HID lights have a reputation for blinding other drivers, particularly if not installed correctly.

Pros: Bright, long-lasting, low-heat, generally low-energy draw
Cons: Expensive, blinds other drivers, requires a massive burst of energy to create their first light

Looking to replace your headlights? Bring your car to HP Motorsports and check out the many different options we have available. Our team of skilled Katy automotive performance technicians can help you see the road more clearly in front of you in even the darkest of nights. If you’re looking to give your car a facelift, new aftermarket headlights from high-quality brands can get you the sleek and attractive look you have been seeking. At HP Motorsports, we take great pride in getting people the parts they need at an affordable price.

Call HP Motorsports today at (281) 231-9950 and get a free estimate for your headlight service today!

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