Five Must-Have Truck Accessories for Summer

Five Must-Have Truck Accessories for Summer

With summer just around the corner, odds are you’re probably busy putting together plans for your vacation. Whether you’re planning on heading to the beach, traveling to the mountains, or even just staying local and enjoying what’s nearby, you’ll likely depend on your trusty truck to get you there. However, is your truck itself ready to handle these plans?

There are loads of accessories on the market that can improve your trucks’ overall performance and even increase its comfort to improve your experience on your upcoming trip. In fact, some of these accessories can even increase your truck’s resale value in the future, making them a good investment in your truck as well. Here are five of these must-have truck accessories that can help you prepare for summer fun.

Tow Hitch

Have a trailer but nothing to tow it with? If you have a truck, that can be fixed pretty easily. A tow hitch is not only an affordable upgrade, generally running around $500 or less installed for most applications, but they’re also one of the most versatile. A truck that has a tow beam installed can pull almost anything up to the tow weight limit, giving you the ability to bring a trailer camping, haul a boat out to the lake, and much more! This is an accessory that can significantly improve your truck’s value as well.

Bed Liner

Most people buy trucks for their utility vehicle qualities, and this usually means their ability to haul an abundance of cargo in the bed. However, most truck owners also want to protect their truck bed and prevent it from scratching or denting with the rigors of normal use. Thus, bed liners are extremely popular accessories.

There are two different types of bed liners: spray-on and drop-in. Drop-in liners are injection-molded plastic that are simply held in to the bed by a few screws. Conversely, a spray-on bed liner is, as its name implies, sprayed onto the surface of the bed in order to protect the body metal. We strongly advise spray-on liners due to their ability to better-protect the metal underneath and prevent dirt, dust, or water from getting under the liner, potentially damaging the bed.

Tie Downs or Bed Rails

Hauling cargo often requires some form of security to ensure it doesn’t escape, and sometimes a simple cargo net isn’t strong enough to get the job done. When this is the case, you’ll likely want to use tie-downs, and tie-downs need anchor points they can reliably hook to in order to secure your cargo.

Depending on your needs, some truck owners will install tie downs into the floor of the bed itself, often through the support beams that give the bed its shape and strength. In other cases, owners like to have anchor points that run along the bed rail (the top edges of the bed) providing you with an easily-accessible point of strength. Which one you choose is up to you, but in either instance you’ll find the utility qualities of your truck go up tremendously by adding this extra ability to secure heavier payloads.

Off-Road Lights

Off-road lights on your truck not only look cool, but they can potentially be a lifesaver if you find yourself in a jam. These lights are often extremely bright, run on very little power (such as LED light bars), and cost very little to purchase and install. If you find yourself lost after dark or simply traveling down a dark road with little to guide you, having the extra light power beyond your normal headlights can help you better avoid potentially dangerous obstacles. Off-road lights can also double as useful features if you need extra light while working on a project or experience an emergency when the sun goes down. You can even install some of these lights facing rearward to give you a clearer picture of what’s behind you or more utility light if you can’t point your truck directly where you need it!

There are loads of different light fixtures, so talk to our Katy truck performance shop to learn more about different options and available features that we can install in your truck!

Running Boards

For those who are smaller in stature or have larger trucks, getting from the ground into the cab can be a pretty hefty climb, especially if you’ve also raised your truck to increase its off-road capabilities. Since you probably don’t want to drive around with a stool or stepladder, running boards are the perfect solution. Most manufacturers will make running boards that are designed to add to the aesthetic qualities of your truck, and some will even sell folding-board systems that lower the boards when you open the doors and fold them up when you’re rolling along in order to both protect the boards and improve aerodynamics.

Running boards can vary in cost, depending on brand and features. Folding running boards will always cost more to install due to the required additional electronics needed to make them work.

Interested in installing any of these or other truck accessories to help with your summer plans? Call HP Motorsports today at (281) 231-9950 to request more information!


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