Five Underrated Speed Machines

Five Underrated Speed Machines

There are many names out there that you think of when you think speed. However, while most people think of names like Corvette or Mustang, many people don’t realize that there are loads of other models that serve as great platforms for tuning. A well-tuned car can achieve breathtaking speeds, so to help you get started with building the road-eating machine of your dreams, here are five of the most underrated but surprisingly excellent models for tuning.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

You don’t really think of the Korean automaker Hyundai as being a motorsports juggernaut, however, Hyundai started producing this stunning two-door rocket ship back in 2010. They featured either a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that made roughly 230 horsepower or a naturally-aspirated V6 that produced north of 300 ponies. Sadly, another reason they’re underrated is that you won’t be able to get them much longer—Hyundai halted production after 2016 so you’ll only be able to find them used. But that being said, rumors are swirling about their return, including the possibility of a model with a V8.

Scion tC

Like the Genesis Coupe, the entire Scion name has gone extinct, with Toyota killing off all but a few of the most popular models from the brand aimed at young adults. While the tC itself may not seem like much, the upgrade options that are on the market allow you to truck this one out to your liking, and build an engine that absolutely tears the drag strip apart. Their relatively light curb weight means even small horsepower boosts have a big impact on performance. And the best part: you can find one on the market today for fairly cheap.

Volkswagen GTI

While not really underrated in the tuning world, the average joe wouldn’t think twice about seeing one of these small hatchbacks rolling down the road next to them. That being said, the power plant under the hood is bursting with potential, due in large part to the turbocharger that gives them tons of low-end torque and brings the zero-to-60 time down to spectacular levels for a production sedan.

Ford Focus

Ford has started capitalizing on the sporty capability of their midsize sedan with the ST and RS model trims that are designed to be the American hot-hatch of the future. However, even a baseline focus has a fair amount of potential. The engines are tuned for low-end torque and the tuning mods available on the market can add hundreds of horsepower to what’s one of the smallest and lightest four-seater chassis available on the market today.

Nissan 370Z

The Nissan Z line has a history that dates back almost as far as the Mustang and Corvette, all the way to the mid-1960s. However, today’s models are more than just an upgraded two-seater sedan that the first ones were. The 370Z was named for the 3.7 liter V6 engine under the hood that produces 350 horsepower, and reported zero-to-60 times of under five seconds.

Whether you want to build a drag-strip monster or high-horsepower road cruiser out of one of these or any other car model, speak to the Houston high performance auto experts at HP Motorsports! Call us at 281-231-9915 to request an estimate.

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