What Tires Should I Buy?

What Tires Should I Buy?

The tires you choose for your car will have a huge influence over how it operates. The right set of tires can get you tight handling, excellent fuel mileage, a smooth ride, or whatever else your goals are. However, the wrong set may cost you too much, make tons of road noise, and wear out far quicker than you ever wanted them to. There are so many different types of tires on the market that knowing what type to get can be intimidating. So to help, here’s a brief primer in how to choose the right set of tires for your car.

Performance Needs

The rubber used to construct different tire models isn’t always the same, and in fact it’s on a fairly wide spectrum. Most high-performance applications will want a tire constructed with a softer compound. These tires tend to be more malleable, which means they’ll grip better when handling tight corners or when the driver slams down on the gas. But there’s a trade-off, these tires are usually more expensive and have substantially shorter lifespans than harder-compound tires.


As we stated just a moment ago, tires that have a harder rubber compound tend to be much more durable and handle thousands of miles of use with ease, while softer compounds tend to wear out much quicker. You can usually tell a high-performance tire apart from a general-use commuter tire by one easy stat; their mileage warranty. The higher the warranty, the harder the rubber compound. If you plan on using this set of tires to commute every single day, odds are you’ll probably want a harder rubber compound or you’ll be buying tires fairly often.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern may not seem that important to most people, but those who need high-performance need a lot of grip, and better grip comes from more surface area making contact with the road. That means a smaller, less prominent tread is a better option in these instances. That being said they don’t generally repel water all that well, so you’re going to have a tough time trying to drive when the rain starts falling.


It’s absolutely pivotal that you pick the right size tire for your rims. Tires are usually given in sizes with three values: the tire width (in millimeters, from sidewall to sidewall), aspect ratio, and wheel diameter. The size will be written something like “215/65R15.” Make sure you get tires that will fit your car or you could find your turning radius has shrunk, your ride gets rougher, and much more.

Let the Houston high performance automotive experts at HP Motorsports help you choose the next set of tires for your ride! Call us today at (281) 231-9950 and learn more about the wide selection we can offer you.


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