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Do you ever look at all the exhaust coming out of the back of your automobile and think, “There must be a more efficient way to handle all this and turn it into back into power for my car”? As strange as that train of thought might seem in writing, you are not the first one to come across it! What you are actually envisioning is a turbocharger, or a turbo for short.

To break down a piece of advanced engineering into simple terms, a turbo is two fans interlocked together and housed into the engine’s compartment. When hot exhaust would normally leave the exhaust pipe without really doing anything, it instead cycles through the turbine side of the turbo, making them spin and putting that otherwise wasted energy to actual use. As the turbines spin around, it makes a compressor take cool air from the outside and put it into the engine, feeding more oxygen supply.

If there is one thing you learn about engines, it should be that more oxygen for combustion means more power!

Benefits of a Turbocharger Installed in Your Vehicle

  • Fuel efficiency increase
  • More horsepower
  • Significant power boost to small engines
  • More torque

When you think about the work that needs to go into a total engine overhaul, it might be understandably daunting. When you use a turbocharger system, you can get a lot of the same benefits with relative ease. For auto-enthusiasts on a budget or just entering the exciting world of automobile modifications, turbochargers are the go-to upgrade.

You can use a turbo in just about any vehicle, such as a:

  • Sports car
  • SUV
  • Truck
  • Muscle car

Wanna Go Fast? Gotta Go to HP Motorsports!

When the people of Houston and Katy, Texas want friendly and reliable service for their high performance vehicles, they know to come to the team at HP Motorsports. We are the trusted name in modifications, upgrades, dyno tuning, and automotive performance in Katy, from turbochargers to full-on custom fabrications.

Give us a call at (281) 231-9950 today to request a free estimate on the parts and services you need to take your metal machine to the next level of power and performance.

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  • Very knowledgeable group that specializes in newer model American muscle cars.

    “The crew did an awesome job with my whipple install. Car runs great! Very knowledgeable group that specializes in newer model American muscle cars. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future!”

    Scot W.

  • I highly recommend HP MOTORSPORTS for a good LS2 tune.

    “I don't have a lot of money but these guys put what I had in all the right places. Thanks for the power. Car is fun again. I highly recommend HP MOTORSPORTS for a good LS2 tune.”


  • Staff was helpful and informed. Overall great experience.

    “Repaired my car at a very reasonable price and in a timely manner. Staff was helpful and informed. Overall great experience.”

    William S.

  • A huge difference compared to any other shop!

    “Definitely the best place to go to for solid performance. From simple bolt on to full engine builds and dyno tuning the quality of work is far beyond any other shop that I've been to. The entire staff is full of knowledge and very passionate about the things they do. Go check them out and see for yourself the huge difference compared to any other shop out there HPMOTORSPORTS really puts the hammer down!!!!!”

    Marcus M.

  • Great staff who knows what they are doing.

    “Great staff who knows what they are doing. I will be coming back here.”

    Tyler B.

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